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Gallerius 1.0 released

  After few month's break Pawel "Stefkos" Stefanski prepared a new version 1.00 of his "Gallerius" - simple HTML gallery generator. A few new features have been added, like jpeg compression and automatic addition of new pages and old bugs were removed. You can find Gallerius here Thanks goes to all users and Genesi with freescale for supporting developers. Next programs on the way.

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dynAMIte 2.4 - The first non-SDL game for OS4

  Just when you thought it was safe to return to online gaming, #amigazeux - in a very unusual and never seen before move - is excited to release dynAMIte 2.4.

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3dener updated

  3dEner plugin for AmiNetRadio updated. screenshot

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Gallerius - new MorphOS program

  After some days of work I release Gallerius. It is a simple program to help create html gallery site's. Program requires MorphOS 1.4 or higher. You can get it from here. For screenshots read more...

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What's the time?

  UltraGelb was sitting in IRC minding his own business when a guy called Jobbo sent a skin and wanted him to make a simple digital clock using it. Now here's the result of a whole 2 hours of non-stop work. It's MorphOS's first graphical clock that can handle 12 hour clock without telling you its 04:00pm in the middle of the afternoon, or something. Feel free to use it - or not. UPDATE 10.09.: Small bugfix release Download now!

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Melting your CPU for free

  Meltium is a small graphical CPU-usage meter which displays a user selectable picture and applies some colourisation using a user selectable alpha map and colour table to it. Additionally the CPU-usage is also displayed in the screentitle when Meltium's window is the active one. UPDATE 07.09.: Small bugfix release (another one) Download now!

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Invitation to SNDF

  We would like to invite all amigazeuxers to SNDF in Frankfurt on 30 September. You can attend the Tech Show in the morning and attend Workshops. In the afternoon we will have some special Pegasos oriented presentations, including a series of workshops on AltiVec. Lunch is included and developers who have been pre-approved and attend will be given a brand new Open Desktop Workstation compliments of Freescale and Genesi. :-) In exchange, developers need to file a monthly report on what they

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Euph0ria 1.0 released

  Euph0ria is a PowerPC native visual plugin for AmiNetradio which is exclusively available for MorphOS. Besides the usual vizualization Euph0ria also features a lot interesting extras like an inbuild Snake game or Overlay fullscreen modes.

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3dEner - ANR plugin

  I just finished new ANR plugin 3dEner. Plugin use tinygl.library and 3d drivers. You can download it from here. Any bug reports + ideas please send on my e-mail.

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amifish update

  Oops, as found out today: We updated amifish on 4th june and forgot to tell you...

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