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Lupe V2.1 for MorphOS, Amiga 68K and AmigaOS4

  This is version 2.1 of Lupe. The magnifying glass program. Lupe magnifies an area surrounding the mouse pointer and displays it in a separate window.

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Starfield Blanker V1.0

Everybody loves star fields and so do we. That's why we decided to create one of the best star field blanker modules in the history of MorphOS.

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MouseTracker V1.3 for MorphOS

MouseTracker is a Commodity for MorphOS.

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Lupe V2.0 for Amiga 68K and MorphOS

You may remember this small program from the 90's and maybe you are still using it nowadays. We are talking about Lupe - the magnifying glass program.

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MouseSpotter V1.0

MouseSpotter is a small Commodity to help you find the mousepointer by just pressing a hotkey in case you have lost track of it.

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RevFlex V1.0 - A flexible version bumper for any language

  RevFlex is a utility for developers to automatically update version, revision and build numbers. RevFlex is designed to be very flexible. It should be possible to configure it to be used with almost any programming language.

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TopTasks Screenbar-Plugin V1.6

TopTasks.sbar is a Screenbar-Plugin for MorphOS that shows the task that is currently eating the most CPU time in the screen title

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Uptime Screenbar-Plugin V1.5a

Uptime is a Screenbar-Plugin for MorphOS. It displays the Systems Uptime in the screen title. Optionally it can display the current uptime vs the uptime record in a gauge. Uptime Records can be reported through the MorphOS notification system MagicBeacon.

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Symmetrix Blanker V1.0

With untold years of experience in the screenblanker business, #amigazeux is proud to present a brand new and in many regards stunning screenblanker to the world public.

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MouseEyes Screenbar-Plugin V1.4

MouseEyes displays eyes in the screen title that look at and follow the mouse pointer.

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