Euph0ria 1.0 released

Created by tokai on Jul 21, 2004, 7:18 PM

Last update by guest on Jan 31, 2021, 1:47 PM
  Euph0ria is a PowerPC native visual plugin for AmiNetradio which is exclusively available for MorphOS. Besides the usual vizualization Euph0ria also features a lot interesting extras like an inbuild Snake game or Overlay fullscreen modes.
p> overview about Euph0ria's keyfeatures:
  • PowerPC native (MorphOS)
  • compatible with with AmigaAMP plugin API
  • more than 1800 possible effect combinations
  • GUI uses Magic User Interface by Stefan Stuntz
  • highly configurable (effect options, task priority, framerate, etc.)
  • 3 different fullscreen modes (Overlay and WPA)
  • amazing colour sets by cecilia
  • addictive inbuild game "Snake" with highscores
  • configurable levelmeters
  • informative on-screen displays (OSD) for framerate and effects
  • it is freeware
changes since last public release (0.24):
  • 11 new and amazing colour sets by cecilia
  • added overlay fullscreenmodes (YUV4.2.2 and RGB16)
  • added WPA (WritePixelArray) fullscreenmode
  • improved highscore input of the "Snake" game
  • new zoom effekt: 'Rotating Vortex'
  • new waveform: 'Collapsing Planets'
  • reworked draw functions (e.g. improved look of connected line mode)
  • "Check for update..." points now to the correct/new URL
  • effects are trying now to react on music peaks
  • initial effects (start effects) are now randomized
  • changing framerate while playing snake now also kills the snake (I do not like cheaters ;)
  • improved colour set initialization
  • toggle menuitems are now working correctly in MUI's embedded menu mode
  • a lot smaller improvements and cleanups

A more detailed list of all changes can be found inside the archive. The archive of the new version can be downloaded from here or by using the "Check for update..." function inside Euph0ria.