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Titler - The nearly-final non-pre-release-version

  With the near-release of this exciting software package that we have been hinting at for months, AmigaZeux and Stevo hosted an IRC Q&A session. You are previledged enough to read the transcript of this exciting session, presented in such a way that no hard questions were asked. Download is available from the titler website. Check it out here.

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Diavolo Backup for MorphOS

  The first non-SDL port for your favourite OS based on stolen AmigaOS source code.

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Featured new AmiNetRadio skins

  There can be only one. Christophe "highlander" Delorme created two of them. iLander, the new ANR NG skin, comes in two flavours: black and white!

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AmiNetRadio V4 - "ANR'05 - By Amiga users for Amiga users"

  #AmigaZeux, Darkmyst IRC network, October 10th, 2005, #AmigaZeux and Stevo are pleased to announce the next generation music player ANR'05. Update Changes V4.1 (09-Oct-2005) - When setting pens for NList objects ANR crashed under OS4. Fixed. - Removed redundant soundmonplay.library which was actually a MorphOS ELF library and was already present as soundmonplay.library.elf. The update of ANR'05 is available at

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Dragon - Screendragging makes a return

  #AmigaZeux is proud to announce a breath-taking *surprise* - DRAGON. DRAGON is a CyberGraphX accelerated screendragging utility combined with a GUI. With its DRAGON commodity development, AmigaZeux brings to Amiga computers top performance of the latest screendragging technology, the successor of the 68k screendragging AGA dynasty. 'By combining many attractive features like the Drag Anywhere paradigm, Corner Drag and powerful Qualifier Technology, DRAGON-equipped Amiga computers and clones tu

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OS4EMU updated, once again

  #AmigaZeux is here again to present a new version of OS4EMU ! Changes in V1.8 (26-July-2005) Use PPC native AmigaOS4 libraries from MorphOS ---------------------------------------------- Support for PPC native AmigaOS4 libraries is reworked for version 1.8. It is now possible to use PPC native AmigaOS4 libraries in MorphOS like they were native ones. In order to enable this feature there is new switch in PatchLoadSegOS4 utility: OPENLIBPATCH. When used os4kernel.library is permanently locked

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There is no day without April

  April has been updated to version 1.2. Changes V1.2 (14-May-2005) - Added dutch guide. - It's now possible to set a title for a date which will be shown in the date-list and as short-help (bubble help) for the day when holding the mouse over it. - Dates can be set to 'Weekly', 'Monthly' and 'Yearly' to make them show up every week, every month or every year. - Colour, Outline and Backgroundcolour for a day in the date-edit-window are now also changed in real-time in the calendar. - Colourfi

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OS4Emu 1.7 released

  The most enthusiastically received program of the year is back. #AmigaZeux presents OS4Emu 1.7!

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There is no May without April

  April now also available for Pegasos2! You didn't miss important dates or tv-shows recently? Then you haven't installed our CLONCK yet. But don't worry we help you to change this fate with our latest invention of eye-catcher: April Update Changes V1.1 (23-Apr-2005) -- Blame it on the betatesters update! - When paging through months using the cursor-keys, the year switched to the next year already on december (blush). Fixed. - Fixed high cpu-load with April. Lame but true excuse is that one IF

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amifish update

  A small bug inside amifish was fixed which was responsible for translations ending up cut off. Changes V1.161 (20.04.2005) - Translations were cut off in the middle of the text. Fixed. Download is available at

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