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Lucy V2.29 released

  With the release of MorphOS2.1 MUI windows could not be lucyfied anymore because their initial opacity is now always 0 and lucy used to ignore such windows. Removed this check. Lets hope it doesn't break other things :-) Download Lucy V2.29 HERE

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Lucy V2.24 released

  Another month, another Lucy update :-) This time Lucy didn´t care for hidden windows and thus Unmask and IControl´s Hide-Window feature didn´t work anymore when being used together with Lucy. This has been fixed. Thanks to BitRocky for the report and suggestion. Download Lucy V2.24 HERE

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OS4Emu 2.0 released!

  Amigazeux is proud to present an update to OS4Emu: nothing changed!

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Lucy updated once again!

  Like in old tradition we updated Lucy after just 2 days with yet another killer feature. V2.22 enables you to ignore windows just by the name of the task they belong to. Please read the ReadMe for details. Download V2.22 HERE

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Lucy Updated!

  Just 2 days have passed and Lucy has been updated once again! This time we added options to ignore front and toolbar windows and windows just by their window title. Furthermore the documentation received an extensive overhaul and explains in detail what you can do with Lucy and its options. Download Lucy V2.0 HERE

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Lucy fixed

  We are following up yesterdays first public release with a quick fix for Lucy. This update fixes auto blending and activation of windows by just moving the mouse over them. Stopped working for the release version because of a compiler change in last minute :-) Download V1.80 HERE

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Lucy for MorphOS 2.0 released!

  #amigazeux is pleased to release Lucy for MorphOS 2.0. Lucy is a small commodity that uses one of the new features of MorphOS 2.0 and makes currently inactive and/or unfocussed windows translucent, depending on its operation mode. Lucy requires MorphOS 2.0 and enabled 3D Layers. Download HERE

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amifish fixed

  amifish v1.200 only translated single words. This has been fixed. Download from the amifish website.

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amifish Updated

  amifish has been updated to work again with babelfish. Download is available at the amifish website.

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Diavolo Backup for MorphOS 2007 Edition

  While others decide to not release their software or rerelease already released software we at AmigaZeux can again prove our ability to update existing stuff like Diavolo Backup for MorphOS.

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