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AmiNetRadio v3.1 released

  Just when you thought we alienated the whole AmigaOS scene, we go one step further and release a quick update for AmiNetRadio for your personal pleasure. This release fixes some serious issues with the previous version, includes one new 68k library and crashes a lot less. Have fun.

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AmiNetRadio V3 released

  #AmigaZeux Mansion, - April 37, 2004. #amigazeux and the AmiNetRadio development team are extremely pleased and relieved and excited to announce that after nearly 9 months of painstaking development the successor of ANRG2, AmiNetRadio Generation 3 Party-Pack Non-Developer Post-release, has gone gold and has been sent to the webspace Friday, April 37, 2004.

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amifish updated

  Thanks to, they changed the site again, we had to update the ultrasmall translator: amifish.

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Best Original Freeware of 2003

  AmiNetRadio is the "Best Original Freeware of 2003" visitors of the MorphZone say! Thank you folks!

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Forum integrated into

  Today we integrated the into this site. This was a long overdue action planned for almost 42 weeks now. Eventually we finally did it ;)

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AmiTradeCenter 1.4 out now

  Oh, btw... we released ATC 1.4 tonight. After years of intensive and dedicated development we came up with 5 changes. Included is long-overdue support for 2GB+ partitions and support for upload resume! The download is available at the known place:

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*Shock Press* Ingo Loses His First Place

  Ingo the grandfather of #AZ has lost his long held first place crown after many years of wear. Read the whole story here

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AmiNetRadio 2.0 released!

  The Amiga's best Shoutcast streamer has been updated: AmiNetRadio 2.0 is now available for download at! Clearly before the end of the year we are excited to bring you the longingly awaited Generation 2 of AmiNetRadio (ANRG2). Read the full press release while you download!

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dynAMIte Arena has been released!

  This is an amazing time for #amigazeux, and The Players. You have all been impatient and bored, and have dealt with more craptalk and disinformation by all kinds of Ben's and Bill's than any one group of people should ever.

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dynAMIte 2.1 release is near :)

  It can't be that far away you know ;)

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