There is no day without April

Created by UltraGelb on May 14, 2005, 9:23 PM

Last update by guest on May 8, 2023, 3:45 PM
  April has been updated to version 1.2.

Changes V1.2 (14-May-2005)
- Added dutch guide.

- It's now possible to set a title for a date which will be shown in the date-list and as short-help (bubble help) for the day when holding the mouse over it.

- Dates can be set to 'Weekly', 'Monthly' and 'Yearly' to make them show up every week, every month or every year.

- Colour, Outline and Backgroundcolour for a day in the date-edit-window are now also changed in real-time in the calendar.

- Colourfield objects can now be dragged and dropped on other Colourfield objects and Colouradjust objects.

Download is available at