French Amiga Group #amigazeux in cooperation with updates MEM

Created by ToDi on Oct 2, 2006, 10:45 PM

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  Paris, France, October 2nd, 2006 French Amiga Group #amigazeux in cooperation with stops agonising the community by fixing newly discovered bugs in their wildly received product.

Fritz Quecksilbeau, amigaZeux's French division Assistant General Manager and Director of Marketing, was heard saying: "Now I expect the community to create some fine skin art!"
This is what people said so far about MorphOSExecMonitor:

Now, it looks... NICE!!! (Emeric)
Das sieht ja mal ziemlich genial aus. (rbn)
sehr geil das Teil!!!! (Otti)
Otti: Vollste Zustimmung! (Urvam Z.)
Nice program!!! Working very nicely here. Thanks. (MorphDelf)
NICE is the best word to describe it :-) (warface)
yeah! not that bad! :-) (Framiga)
cute (SoundSquare)
NICE, something to play ;-) (roschmyr)

MorphOSExecMonitor is available online at For more information visit

Please make sure to also install the fundamental AmigaZeux library pack also available at (if you haven not done so yet).