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TopTasks Screenbar-Plugin V1.3

Contributed by ultragelb on Jan 18, 2020 - 09:08 PM
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TopTasks.sbar is a Screenbar-Plugin for MorphOS that shows the task currently eating the most CPU time.

When clicked it opens a window showing the top 10 tasks currently hogging all your precious CPU time. Furthermode it can display a history of the top tasks of the last 100 seconds.

  • Added a second list that displays the top tasks of the last 100 seconds in the PopWindow.
  • Now also displays the time a task has hogged the cpu in total in an extra column in the Top10 list.
  • The CPU load percentage of displayed Top10 tasks is now shown in the list title of the column.
  • Added help bubbles to all prefs gadgets.
Download TopTasks HERE

Screenshot Screenbar-Plugin V1.0

Contributed by ultragelb on Jan 05, 2020 - 01:30 AM
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We are pleased to release Screenshot.sbar V1.0. It can grab single Windows, multiple Windows, freely selectable rectangle areas, even areas simply drawn with the mouse and much more while residing patiently in your screens titlebar.

  • Can grab windows, entire screens or just a freely selectable portion of the screen
  • Can grab windows including their shadows
  • Can grab the Mouse Pointer too
  • Can overlay a watermark image over taken screenshots
  • Can superimpose an editable text over taken screenshots
  • Freely setable Grab-Delay
  • Nice fluidly animated countdown window
  • Sounds for countdown and grabbing
  • Iris Animation when grabbing
  • Can run a script after grabbing is done
  • Comes with a built in paint program to:
    • Easily blur out, obfusciate or highlight texts and areas of the image
    • Offers a nice symmetry tool known for example from Deluxe Paint (and yes, I am terribly sorry but this feature had to be added because it's cool)
    • Can draw arrows pointing at different things which is cool too!
    • As a bonus it comes also as a separate program (see Bonus Drawer)
  • Was called SchnitzelSchn├Ąpper while in development, so be glad ;-)

Download Screenshot.sbar V1.0 HERE

DimScreen V1.2 - an interactive screen dimming tool

Contributed by ultragelb on Sep 04, 2019 - 06:50 PM
Picture 0 for DimScreen V1.2 - an interactive screen dimming tool

DimScreen is a Commodity for MorphOS.

DimScreen will dim your screen to a settable percentage of its original brightness. It may be useful in dark environments without the need to fiddle with monitor controls all the time.

New in this version:

  • Timed dimming couldn't really be aborted by the user and always redimmed the screen. Now, once timed dimming is aborted it won't autodim the screen anymore until the time falls again in the set time period the next day. Thanks to Chris Delorme for the report.

Download DimScreen HERE

MouseTracker V1.1 for MorphOS

Contributed by ultragelb on Sep 04, 2019 - 06:34 PM
Picture 0 for MouseTracker V1.1 for MorphOS

MouseTacker is a Commodity for MorphOS.

MouseTracker records Mouse movements and clicks and can display them as realtime overlay. Furthermore MouseTracker can create heatmaps from Mouse movements. Saving of generated images is possible as well.

New in this version:

  • Mouse Wheel events are counted and displayed in statistics.
  • Mouse distance moved is also displayed as meters or inches (configurable) in statistics.
Download MouseTracker HERE

ModernArt Blanker V3.0 - 10 year anniversary Editon

Contributed by ultragelb on Aug 18, 2019 - 04:52 PM
Picture 0 for ModernArt Blanker V3.0 - 10 year anniversary Editon

The development of ModernArtBlanker Version 3.0 the 10 year anniversary Edition has been funded by the Finnish-Atlantian Agriculture Group (FAG), who hope that the increased power use of the world's many million MorphOS users using screen blankers will increase global warming.

New in this release of the most modern of modern art blankers:
  • Added more shapes. Besides being able to just draw circles it is now possible to select between circles, triangles, squares, stars and hexagons.
  • Shapes can be drawn randomly filled. Either per individual shape or just per train.
  • Added an option to either keep the initial rotation or to rotate each shape over time when being drawn.
  • The size of the shapes can now be configured from tiny to huge or to just a random selection per clear screen.

Download ModernArt Blanker V3.0 HERE

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