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Articles: MemoryGauge V1.1 released

Contributed by UltraGelb on Aug 19, 2009 - 09:33 PM

MemoryGauge is a screenbar plugin for MorphOS and displays all kinds of memory information as a gauge in the screen title.

Requirements: MorphOS 2.0 or higher

Changes for V1.1:

  • Doesn't need e-utils.library anymore.
  • Exceptions were passed outside the library (oops :-) and caused crashes when an error occured on OpenLibrary(). Thanks to Michal Bergseth, Yannick Buchy and Grzegorz Kraszewski for reporting this problem which was probably due to a missing e-utils.library (wasn't mentioned in Requirements, sorry).
  • Added more sanity checks in case of unexpected failures in OpenLibrary().
  • Fixed potential problems when label was enabled and got switched off from the prefs later.
  • Updated email address in the ReadMe.
  • Fixed cycle chain in prefs.

Download MemoryGauge V1.1 HERE