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Articles: OS4Emu 1.7 released

Contributed by iti on May 08, 2005 - 12:05 AM

The most enthusiastically received program of the year is back.

#AmigaZeux presents OS4Emu 1.7!

Support for PPC native AmigaOS4 libraries


OS4EMU can now load and initialize AmigaOS4 native libraries.

The emulation kernel looks for libraries from different locations in

this order:





If corresponding library is found the kernel loads and initializes

library for use in the emulation.

Only PPC native autoinit libraries are supported and possible 68k jump

tables are discarded.

Other improvements


Added new interfaces:

- expansion.library (pci interface only)

- usergroup.library

- slider.gadget, colorwheel.gadget

- drawlist.image

It is now possible to run some PCI related utilities, i.e. pciscan.

Drivers are not supported.

- added interrupt support

- fixed P96 emulation (Zero from Universe had wrong colours)

- fixed MUI emulation

- fixed layers.library interface

- improved datatypes.library compatibility