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Articles: There is no May without April

Contributed by ToDi on Apr 20, 2005 - 11:57 PM

April now also available for Pegasos2!

You didn't miss important dates or tv-shows recently? Then you haven't installed our CLONCK yet. But don't worry we help you to change this fate with our latest invention of eye-catcher: April


Changes V1.1 (23-Apr-2005) -- Blame it on the betatesters update!

- When paging through months using the cursor-keys, the year switched to the next year already on december (blush). Fixed.

- Fixed high cpu-load with April. Lame but true excuse is that one IF statement which was disabled for testing purposes wasn't reenabled for the release version.

- The 28th of february is said to be displayed twice for leap years (unconfirmed as this bug could not be reproduced by me which might imply it is a bug of MorphOS 1.4.x). Added a possibly working workaround for such cases.

Download is available at april.amigazeux.net