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I'm forced to use an http proxy and I'm happy that you've added support for it. But it doesn't seem to work. What's up?

You probably have SOCKS enabled in MiamiDX. Using a SOCKS proxy and a http one simultaneously won't work (and isn't recommended anyway). This is a MiamiDX problem and not an ANR one.

The song names aren't displayed properly. International characters like ä and ø end up as ÿ.

Seems to be a bug in many of the servers out there, which send bad ascii in the metatags. It is not the fault of ANR, and we can't fix it. The same happens on other shoutcast players on other platforms, such as WinAmp.

Why are 8kbps streams corrupted?

How can you tell? ;-D But seriously, the old version of mpeg.library by Stephane Tavenard has problems with handling such low bitrates. Try upgrading to the Libmad version on Aminet if this is an issue for you.

Hmm, dragging and dropping files on the ANR GUI doesn't work on MOS!

Seems to be a bug (or an intentional unsupported feature) in MUI3.9. We can't do anything until it's updated.

Realplayer support?

YES - but only if someone creates a shared library for it for us! But there are more complications. The source available currently will only play old Real streams - not the newer ones used by 99% of modern Real stations. Proprietary formats are near-impossible to support. Anyway, Real Audio is very poor and we are told it is not used by anyone who knows anything about sound. Realplayer channels are also usually over-commercialised crap, so it's no great loss.

What about the channels meant for Windows Media Player?

They suck. :) But again, if someone wants to supply us with a standard MorphOS/AmigaOS shared library, perhaps built from ffmpeg or mplayer source, we could easily add support for it.

What about mpeg decoder hardware?

We were unable to add any, since none of us have mpeg decoder hardware. It may be possible to add mpeg.device support, but ANR would need pretty much a TOTAL rewrite. And after it, nothing much in ANR would work on hardware decoding - scopes, fast forward, saving. The problem is that the decoded data cannot be returned to ANR to be processed. And that makes ANR no better than the software that comes with the hardware already. So it's not going to happen. You'll just have to use the software that came with your hardware, sorry. But there is a workaround. Have a look at the "hardware decoding supplement" in the guide.

I have a slow :( 040/25 and PPC. Will we get a PPC version of ANR?

Nope. Unless you use MorphOS. That's if Genesi ever get round to releasing the BPPC/CPPC version of it. :-/

Can you make ANR faster? It stutters here and nothing I can do prevents it.

No, most of the CPU intensive stuff is in 3rd party libs. If you have a slow system and can't use ANR, I'm afraid you'll just have to upgrade. Playing mp3 needs CPU power. We can't change this.

Can you add karaoke support?

No. It makes no sense for a shoutcast client. Use SongPlayer for that. Anyway, karaoke is evil and I'm frankly insulted you mentioned it. Just listen for ticking in your mail from now on, ok?

Can you make ANR search the net for mp3 files or share them like in KaZzAa?

Err, what? No. ANR is a player, not file sharing client or a search engine. The shoutcast station search is courtesy of Shoutcast.com.

Can you make ANR a shoutcast server, and not just a client?

No. This is quite a silly question. Once again, ANR is a player, not a server. Besides, we have no mp3 encoder shared library and mp3 encoding is patented. Just use it as a player, that's what it's for!

Will the UADE player be coming back?

No. UADE is a Linux port that works only in shell. A player was tried but was very buggy and didn't work properly due to UADE lacking a mechanism to exchange data with ANR. If UADE is updated to include such a mechanism, then the chances of a return are good. Otherwise, there's little chance.

Why the name AmiNetRadio? Has it got something to do with Aminet?

No. It's Ami Net Radio, not Aminet Radio (or AmigaNetRadio!). With it you play Net Radio on your Amiga. You can probably download it from Aminet though. ;)

Why have you stopped supporting AMIGA??

The real Amiga hardware is too old and we can't and won't support simple emulation until the end of time. Besides, the main coders don't have convenient access to 68k Amigas (emulated or otherwise), and neither do any of the real betatesters (despite continuous pleas for such help). So we took the only path available.

Why still call it Ami Net Radio then, you IP thieves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111111111

For us, MorphOS is the Amiga, and we don't listen to what bankrupt companies who con people think. You'll figure it out. Eventually. Maybe. Besides, all the other names we considered sounded crap. So there.

How do I get out of this stunning and incredibly well coded About window?!?

Press ESC, you silly person. ;) Unless you have a Alcatraz keyboard, in which case there is no Escape. And if you are one of those weirdos who have disabled ESC in MUI, select the about window again from the menu to remove it!

Huh, the keyboard shortcuts I liked from ANR 2.0 are gone! How do I get them back?

They're not gone, they're just fully configurable now. Check out Hotkeys in the preferences, and set up your own.

Some of the multimedia buttons on my keyboard can be detected, most can't. What's up?

Some input devices don't support them. Currently MOS1.4 ps2.device doesn't support many of them. Amithlon might, as will USB.

Who's the guy in the About window?

That's Captain Pegasos. Manly, isn't he. He's so rugged he smokes a pipe. If you ever meet him, ask him for some of his famous rough shag, and he'll be happy to fill your pipe.

Why is ANR so MorphOS oriented? Why not AROS or OS4?

Without getting into the politics of it, we here at #AmigaZeux prefer MOS. It's available now and is very usable. Therefore ANR will always be MOS-centred. You *might* be able to use it on Amiga. It's just that some of the specialised features may only work on MOS. We want to give you a reason to upgrade, after all. ;)

Will ANR work on emulators?

Yes, if the emulator is working properly. Since ANR is system friendly and works on MOS's Amiga/68k "emulation" layer with no problem, an emulator should work just as well. If it doesn't, it's most probably a bug in the emulator. Visit the relevant website and look for updates. Update: We don't directly support emulation any more. If it works, yay. If not, boo. That's what happens when we don't get any help beta testing.

Will ANR work on OS4?

No. For many reasons, none of the main coders of ANR will have an AmigaONE, so we can't ever test it properly. And also the amount of FUD continuously hitting three years of MorphOS development hasn't exactly made us friends of the OS4 project. All those OS4 coders will have to take time out from porting old apps and Mozilla to write a new Shoutcast streamer, I suppose. Divorces suck, don't they? But remember who wanted it...

ANR is crap! Why don't you use WinAmp or xmms?

Because WinAmp sucks, Windows sucks, xmms sucks, Linux sucks and ANR and MorphOS rule. I think that about covers it. =)

WTF is Kenny.player??

A work of genius, for an all-round great guy. If you have this then you got a beta you weren't supposed to have. You are now cursed. Don't blame us if you wake up next moring with a second head (or perhaps a third, depending on your original head configuration).

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