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ANR seems to work with most shoutcast stations, but some (ones that have :80/stream/1040 on the end of the URL) drop the connection immediately. What's up?


Sadly, this seems to be the fault of AOL server software used for these channels interacting badly with Miami and MiamiDX, and it seems to be AOL's fault for not respecting an RFC. It's not an ANR problem, and doesn't occur with Genesis or AmiTCP. The only thing we can recommend is that, when you load one of these servers, open the streams window (Streams in the Window menu item) and pick a stream in the cluster that doesn't have :80/stream/1040 but something like :8010. But since this server is usually full it's not always an option. This is a big problem. You can also stream ANR from a proxy running on a non-Amiga system (privoxy is a nice, free choice). But we really hope AOL fix their server software one day.

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