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I'm trying to play a stream with a bitrate I should easily be able to play on my bandwidth, but it's too slow! What's wrong?


This may depend on the stream, how far away it is (in geographical terms) and the quality of the routers between you and the stream server. In other words, it depends on the internet. Try to pick a stream closer to where you are, or if that fails just pick a better stream. Even if you have a T1 ethernet connection that Russian 128kbps stream just might not be able to get to you fast enough. Also, it can depend on your CPU and graphics system (if you don't have a GFX card). If you are placing too much strain on your CPU or chipset, transfer will suffer. There are issues with some ethernet cards and/or drivers sucking CPU too, particularly if you use Miami/MiamiDX without MNI drivers. PCMCIA cards are also major CPU drains. AHI is also a CPU sucker. Don't use 14bit on paula unless you have an 060 or better, and try 28KHz (or less) if you just can't keep that 44.1KHz speed up. Also, if you use the standard Amiga serial port for internet this is a serious bottleneck, especially if you run deeper AGA screens like 7 or 8 bit - or even worse - VGA modes like DblPAL or Multiscan. AGA just isn't up to it. You can compensate by turning some of the quality options down.

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